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Analytica for Intelligence and Security Studies’ is a Think Tank born with the aim of promoting studies in fields of Intelligence, National and International Security. Through a synergic work, characterized by a constructive debate and an ongoing dialogue, our purpose is to build a research analysis hub and a network of analysts that is deeply innovative and able to offer solutions to current global challenges.


The Chairwoman and the General Director make up the Executive Board, that implements the strategic lines of the think tank and manages its internal organization. Alongside the Executive Board is the Scientific Board, which is in charge of shaping the research and analysis lines for each department; moreover, it defines analysis and research methodology of every discipline and develops joint projects of general interest to the Think Tank.

The analysis and research activities are organized through seven departments, each of them guided by a Department Director, representative for the related research area. Each Director defines the guidelines for research and analysis and is responsible for the oversight, review and publication of analysis and research papers. Each department make proposals to the Executive Board and the Scientific Board, as initiatives, events, and projects of interest both to the think tank and to study and deepening of topics related to it.

Furthermore, each department, is responsible for the training of young analysts who come from Analytica for Intelligence and Security Studies partner universities, from other think tank or companies applying for it.

Our mission and values:

Analytica for Intelligence and Security Studies’ was born from the will of its founders to create a hub, where Security professionals can combine their ideas and skills with those of young students and researchers who are approaching this world, to form research and analysis paths characterized by scientific rigor, transparency, and objectivity.

The Board

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