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Import-export: Russia and its Non-Western Countries

Analysis - Geoeconomia, Departments, Geo-economics, Intelligence

Russia's import sector is facing a forced change due to the sanctions regime, following the start of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, which…

Security of cereal supply at european level: political and economic implications

Departments, Geo-economics

In the past few months, the attack on Ukraine by the Russian Federation had worldwide repercussions in the agri-food sector.…

Golden Power and financial regulation: national and european perspectives and implications

Departments, Geo-economics

The legal instrument of Golden Power, which is exercisable by a government to preserve strategic assets from foreign acquisitions, is…

A common strategy for digital finance: the risks posed by digital banking

Departments, Geo-economics

The advent of digital finance has radically changed the way of providing banking and financial services. New financial technologies constitute…

Energy and crisis: implications for national energy strategy

Departments, Geo-economics

The intersection of the post-pandemic recovery and the beginning of the war will have important economic consequences for European States.…

Hydrogen: an energy carrier of strategic importance for Italy

Departments, Geo-economics

Energy security is an essential element in the definition of a Country's National Strategy. Energy transition and decarbonisation in every…

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