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The process of integration and globalization, increasingly marked by the fluidity of international relations, has ensured that the State has returned to being an active economic entity with the task of catalyzing the needs of the national productive sector.

The awareness and need to equip itself with structures capable of managing the choices of industrial and financial strategy has encouraged each country to adapt the institutional organizational structure to the geoeconomic competition, and to identify and create organic welding points between private and public production of each country.

Therefore, the Department aims to increase and deepen the study of geo-economic dynamics through an analytical and policy-oriented approach.
Particularly, the activities focus on the analysis of socio-economic events of national, regional and international scope, delving into their risks and implications through the collection and analysis of economic, political and socio-cultural information required to ensure effective strategic choices for both the institutional and corporate field.

Waste Management in Italy: balancing Incinerators, Energy Recovery and Zero Waste.

Analysis - Geoeconomia, Articles - Geoeconomia, Geo-economics

The article analyses waste management in Italy with a focus on incinerators and energy recovery. It explores the debate around…

Import-export: Russia and its Non-Western Countries

Analysis - Geoeconomia, Departments, Geo-economics, Intelligence

Russia's import sector is facing a forced change due to the sanctions regime, following the start of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, which…

Security of cereal supply at european level: political and economic implications

Departments, Geo-economics

In the past few months, the attack on Ukraine by the Russian Federation had worldwide repercussions in the agri-food sector.…

Golden Power and financial regulation: national and european perspectives and implications

Departments, Geo-economics

The legal instrument of Golden Power, which is exercisable by a government to preserve strategic assets from foreign acquisitions, is…

A common strategy for digital finance: the risks posed by digital banking

Departments, Geo-economics

The advent of digital finance has radically changed the way of providing banking and financial services. New financial technologies constitute…

Energy and crisis: the implications on the Italian National Energy Strategy

Departments, Geo-economics

The intersection of the post-pandemic recovery and the beginning of the war will have important economic consequences for European States.…

Hydrogen: an energy carrier of strategic importance for Italy

Departments, Geo-economics

Energy security is an essential element in the definition of a Country's National Strategy. Energy transition and decarbonisation in every…

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