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The need to become aware of an opponent’s strength, capabilities and, above all, willingness to achieve one’s goals, is not something recent, it is actually a need that is lost in the mists of time. There has always been a need to carry out ‘information activities’ aimed at acquiring detailed information about the opponent, its activities as well as the environment in which one would be confronted.

The attack on the Twin Towers, conflicts and international crisis situations even today make the world increasingly unstable. These events have taught us that today’s problem is not a lack of information but rather the need to discriminate, evaluate and correlate millions of data correctly in order to identify relevant and missing data and collect them with the most appropriate tools.

The often frenetic evolution of events requires large and medium-sized companies to equip themselves with information structures capable of providing ‘immediately usable’ products, even by resorting to outsourcing, perfectly integrated with the country’s security bodies, in order to identify any threat, whether ‘old’ or ‘new’, such as in the cyber dimension, supporting the decision-maker.

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Import-export: Russia and its Non-Western Countries

Analysis - Geoeconomia, Departments, Geo-economics, Intelligence

Russia's import sector is facing a forced change due to the sanctions regime, following the start of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, which…

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