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Energy security is an essential element in the definition of a Country’s National Strategy. Energy transition and decarbonisation in every sector of the Country System are two priorities on the global agenda with environmental, political and socio-economic implications.
In this scenario, hydrogen as an energy carrier is highly relevant. 

Considering the national context, this paper analyses the hydrogen energy carrier by dealing with its technical aspects and includes a  probability-impact analysis of sample macro-variables in all the different sectors. In order to identify and observe their positioning in the national context, a mirror scenario to 2030 will be applied. The report aims to outline the implications in terms of economic, industrial and geopolitical competitiveness of the hydrogen energy carrier at national level, consistent with the European and global context. 

Secondly, due to Italy’s strong energy dependence; the research aims to identify potential strategic drivers for the implementation of Sistema Italia and the impacts  in terms of energy security, economic, industrial and geopolitical competitiveness.

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